BVI Tourist Attractions

The British Virgin Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean that consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke, as well as more than 50 smaller islands and cays. These islands represent a British overseas territory and are very popular tourist attractions. People come here to enjoy watersports, sailing, and hiking, but you can also go shopping and enjoy the typical Caribbean hospitality.  The best way to come here is by boat and you can enjoy cruising from one island to another while enjoying the wonderful scenery. There are many interesting places to see here but here are our top choices.

The Baths in Virgin Goda are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the British Virgin Islands, attracting hundreds of visitors throughout the season. The Baths are best known for their giant boulders carved between the mountains and the sea. These rocky formations have created natural pools and grottos that are just perfect for both swimming and snorkeling. This beautiful natural scenery is the most photographed attraction on the islands and you can see it in most travel brochures.

The Dolphin Discovery on Tortola island is the most exciting and memorable place to visit on British Virgin Islands as more and more people are attracted to this place. Here you can swim, hug, and kiss with the bottleneck dolphins in natural ocean water. The place also has certified trainers that educate the tourists about these magnificent animals. Dolphins are very friendly and the most popular activity here is going for a Belly Ride when you can hold on to the dolphin’s fins as he swims backward. It’s hard to tell whether this activity is more exciting for children or the adults.

Cane Garden Bay is one of the most entertaining attractions on Tortola. The amazing lush green scenery and the beautiful crescent shaped beach make this place the heaven on Earth. Here you can enjoy various watersports, try the local dishes and drinks at the Myetts Restaurant, and enjoy the reggae and soca rhythms.

White Bay on Jost Van Dyke is one of the most beautiful swim spots on the British Virgin Islands. The white sand beach and the turquoise water attract many tourists, especially for the New Year’s Eve parties at Foxy’s Tamarind Bar.

RMS Rhone National Marine Park was formed on the coast of Salt Island and it’s one of the most popular places among divers. Here you can see many fish species including snappers, grunts, soldier fish, and parrotfish. There are two coral caves and Blonde Rock – the series of caves, tunnels, and overhangs rich with fascinating marine life.

These aren’t by any chance all the attractions on the British Virgin Islands and depending on what you enjoy the most, there’s a lot to explore here.

BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival

The British Virgin Islands Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is one of the most famous festivals of the kind in the world, and especially in the Caribbean. If you’re into racing and sailing, this is the event for you. This year, the festival celebrated its 45th birthday and each year brings more and more competitors and observers. One of the largest regattas in the region, the event attracts more than 100 yachts and sailors with their friends and family to enjoy the event. The best racing in the world is guaranteed thanks to the great organization, international race officers, and experienced committee members.

Regatta Races

There are 18 classes and three race areas. The main Sir Francis Drake Channel, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean provide plenty of routes to choose from, and more than 60 islands also provide many choices for around island races. You can race even if you don’t have your own boat as you can charter top class race boats and bareboats. What made this regatta so popular is the fact that many classes had enjoyed about 5 races per day  and that the race routes could change for each race. This resulted in lots of racing and the most passionate competitors were simply loving it.

Business Opportunities

This event is the perfect business opportunity for boat renting services as many people would like to race but don’t have their own boats. We can assume that the number of competitors would keep rising if there was more opportunity for renting and if the rent prices were more competitive and affordable. The races begin at Nanny Cay Resort and Marina and other than this main event that’s racing, the visitors can also enjoy unforgettable Caribbean parties at the Regatta Village. Every night, you can enjoy live music as well as local and international food and drinks.

It’s well known that our sailors will get thirsty after the entire day on the sea and the best things to satisfy their thirst are ice cold beer, rum, and champagne. One thing is for sure – everybody will enjoy the starry night above the turquoise waters. Each year, the first two days are dedicated to exploring the waters and the routes with the following three days being race days. The event has been marked legendary multiple times and maybe that’s enough reason for you to check out why.