BVI Culture and Cultural Events

.BVI culture is rich with traditions that reflect the cultures of peoples that have inhabited the islands through history. The largest cultural influence, however, is the influence of the African slaves that worked in the cane fields from the 17th century until the mid-19th century. Since the 19th century, most people speak English-based creole. Today, the culture of these islands continues to undergo creolization due to inter-Caribbean migration.

Experience BVI Culture

The events on the British Virgin Islands are numerous and range from Sailing Regattas to Music Festivals and everything in between. Whether you prefer music, watersports, or culture, you can find your favorite activity here.  Book your accommodation at Oliph Blossome Villa and experience the excitement BVI culture.

Emancipation Festival

One of the most important events is the Emancipation celebration that reflects the freedom from colonialism. During the event, you can see the entire BVI culture and history of the islanders, along with some new age extravaganzas. The celebration starts at the end of July and ends in the first week of August.

The activities organized on the islands throughout the year are diverse and they include Prince and Princess Pageant, Torch Light Procession & Opening, Calypso Competition, Gospel Fest, Boat Show and Boat Races, Festival Village, Car Show, Miss BVI Pageant, Grand Parade, Rise and Shine Tramp (J’ouvert), Festival Horse Races, Fungi Fest, East End/Long Look Festival, Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta.

Fisherman’s Day takes place at the end of June at the Long Bay Beach on Beef Island. The competitors showcase their skills before large audiences.

Music Fest

The BVI Music Festival takes place on the shores of the islands. It delivers only the best local and international cultural and musical extravaganza.

Poker Run

The Poker Run is a boat race that was established in 2002 and it’s held at Leverick Bay Resort. The boats have a route they have to follow and at each checkpoint they draw a card. The winner is the boat that has the best poker hand at the end of the race.

Christmas on DeCastro Street

Formerly Christmas on Main Street, this festivity was first held in 1999 as a three-day family holiday. The event features many artists such as the Fungi Band, The Heritage Dancers, and Steel Pan groups. Local vendors also use this event to promote their products and this is also a good time for promoting a new business.

Spring Regatta

Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is another boat racing contest.  With the large number of races per day, it’s probably the best competition of this kind in the entire Caribbean.

Cultural Fiesta is held in August in Carrot bay to celebrate the 1834 Emancipation Act that abolished slavery. There are plenty of food and drink stands and this is also a good time to start a new business in this area. The most popular event here is the donkey race.