About Oliph Blossome Villas

A place that you will never forget

Oliph Blossome is one of the most popular self-catering villas in the Virgin Islands. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives giving memorable moments for the entire life starting with a room with a wonderful views and finishing with lots of activities and offers. We don’t only provide services for our guests, but we are also preserving, protecting and enhancing the natural beauty and culture of the Vigin Islands, while developing recreational and agricultural enterprises that are compatible with the environment.

We care about each piece of your stay – dining, activities, sightseeing, and five-star accommodation. We can recommend the best options for introverts and extraverts as well.

You are free to roam!

Oliph Blossome is a Beautiful Villa and a Perfect Place to Relax

Located in the hillside overlooking the picturesque Road Town, Oliph Blossome Villa is just ten minute drive into the city and about twelve mins drive to popular beaches.

“The only things you should buy are your memories”

Hanna Tayson

Oliph Blossome Vila  is one of the most highly rated villas on Tortola. Your patronage helps keep the the Virgin Islands sustainable so that we can keep it undeveloped and preserved for future generations to enjoy and explore.

For Booking & Information:

Reservations Toll Free: +1 (850) 800 0837